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Aiming high
Welcome to the annual report and presentation of Plesner's CSR Programme. Plesner's CSR programme is one of the most extensive in the legal profession. But more importantly, CSR is deeply rooted in our organisation and is an essential aspect of our everyday life pivoted on knowledge and with knowledge sharing, inspiration and development as the unifying principle.
Our goals commit us to pursuing the highest ethical and professional standards when providing legal advice, to run our firm in a socially and environmentally responsible way, to provide pro bono legal advice and to support the local community in general.
As you can read in the report, these words are backed by concrete actions, with satisfactory progress being reported in all our focus areas. In particular thanks to our many committed people, good progress has again been made with respect to the
CSR goals we set one year ago.
Plesner's CSR initiatives are still based
on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, which are now embodied in 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These goals are extremely ambitious. It is quite simply necessary that we all do our best - and then some more.
We benefit from our highly dedicated employees, and there is every reason
to express our heartfelt thanks to our
staff, partners and clients for their great attention, recognition and support for
our CSR work. We are humbled and proud that we through this teamwork effort can contribute and perhaps even inspire others.
Thank you so much for your attention. We wish you happy reading.
Copenhagen, June 2019
Tom Kári Gitte Holtsø Kristjánsson CSR Partner Managing Partner

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