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At Nørrebro - a short walk past The Lakes from Nørreport station - you will find some of the coolest streets in Copenhagen. The cosy street Jægersborggade offers Michelin-starred restaurants, funky cafés, vintage shops and wine bars side-by-side, and Elmegade is a nightlife and gastronomic hotspot. Take a break from the noisy city at Assistens Cemetery, where you can visit Hans Christian Andersen's grave, or just enjoy the tranquility.
Østerbro is located between The Lakes and the sea, and is a favorite of young Copenhagen families. Copenhagen's largest park, Fælledparken, and the national stadium, Parken, are both located at Østerbro - but the area still manages to ooze a cosy, neighbourhood feel. Find some of Copenhagen's best Danish design shopping streets, Østerbrogade and Nordre Frihavnsgade, both full of small boutiques, or take a break at one of Østerbro's popular cafés. Plesner is also located at Østerbro, near the sea.
From Copenhagen Central Station, you will find Frederiksberg by walking along Gammel Kongevej; a fantastic shopping street with grand old buildings, fashionable cafés and restaurants. At the other end, you will find another breathing space in the city - Frederiksberg Have; a beautiful royal park, from where you can see the elephants in the Zoo (for free). Visit Carlsberg Brewery or grab a drink in the greenhouse café at the University's Agricultural Department - a lesser known, but very beautiful spot.
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If the weather is good, the best way to see Copenhagen is to follow the locals and hop on a bicycle. The free city bikes in Copenhagen are a quick and free alternative to cars, buses and taxis, when get- ting around the city. Virtually, all of Copenhagen can be toured by bicycle, except for pedestrian-only streets and most streets have cycle lanes.
All taxis are licensed by the au- thorities and are equipped with meters. Taxis can be flagged down anywhere in the city and there are ranks at various points around the city centre. If the yellow "Taxa" light on the roof of the car or in the front window is on, the taxi is available for hire. By law, Uber is not allowed to operate in Denmark and has ceased operations.
You can take the Metro or the S-train and get almost anywhere in Copenhagen.

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