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“Plesner is the darling of the Danish business community”. That was the reaction in the media when Plesner was ranked first in Kantar Sifo Prospera’s annual survey ‘Tier 1 Law Firm Review in Denmark 2018.’
Being ranked number one by the largest and most professional companies is the ultimate recognition you can get as a provider of advisory services – and it makes us both very proud and humble. We are eager to learn and remain committed to continuously improve ourselves.
Plesner’s CSR programme is one of the most extensive in the legal profession. With this programme we have commited to pursuing the highest ethical and professional standards when providing legal advice, to run our firm in a socially and environmentally responsible way,
to provide pro bono legal advice and to support the local community in general. As you can read in this year’s report, these words are backed by concrete actions, with satisfactory progress being reported in all our focus areas.
We owe these achievements to our team of amazing and dedicated Plesner colleagues, who are highly trained in identifying and solving challenges and who will not let a good process be stopped no matter what obstacles they may encounter. We deploy these same professional skills in finding ef- fective solutions in the CSR field.
Plesner’s CSR initiatives remain based
on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, which are now embodied in 17 Sustainable Development Goals. If the global community is to attain these ambitious goals, we all need to make a serious contribution. We believe in sharing benefits as well as responsibilities.
While fully aware that our impact in the grand scheme of things is – and can only be – marginal, we will continue our dedicated sustainability and corporate social respon- sibility efforts. Doing our best is also firmly anchored in the Plesner spirit.
Copenhagen, June 2018
Tom Kári Gitte Holtsø Kristjánsson CSR Partner Managing Partner

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