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”This is a very positive sign, as we attach the same importance to pro bono assistance as to other client services. By simplifying working procedures, we have reduced the amount of administrative work and made it much easier to team organisations and their needs with relevant professionals. This has helped further motivate our employees to proactively seek these assignments” explains Lars.
A great way of putting your skills to use
Lars Mygind Bojsen is living proof of the rewards gained from being part of Plesner’s pro bono network.
”Many of my colleagues have studied law and subsequently chosen to become attorneys because they basically wish to help other people or make a difference in society.
And many of us see it as a natural part of our job to give something back by doing voluntary work through the legal aid service or other pro bono programmes. I did this as a law student, so continuing my involvement as
an attorney at Plesner¬ was natural for me – and not because I feel I have to, but because it interests and inspires me. It’s just a great way of putting your skills to use”, says Lars Mygind Bojsen.
During the past reporting period, some 50+ of our assistant attorneys, attorneys and partners undertook more than 1,000 hours of pro bono work. To this should be added a significant number of hours committed by secretarial and administrative staff.
Plesner provides assistance to selected Danish charitable organisations:
•Bryd Tavsheden (Break the Silence – a Danish non-governmental organisation for individuals exposed to domestic violence)
•Børns Vilkår (Children’s Welfare)
•Julemærkefonden (the Christmas Seal Foundation)
•Red Barnet Ungdom (Danish Child Rights Ambassadors) •Scleroseforeningen (the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society) •Make-A-Wish Ønskefonden (the Make-A-Wish Foundation) •Muskelsvindfonden (the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation)
•Børne Hjernecancer Fonden (the Child Brain Cancer Foundation) (NEW)

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