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Children’s Welfare works to prevent the neglect of children in Denmark. In 2017, the organisation celebrated its 40th an- niversary, while its Kids Helpline passed the 30-year mark. Last year, the Kids Helpline provided advice and assistance to children more than 50,000 times, with the many conversations providing unique insights into childhood in Denmark. In the past year, the organisation has focused
on helping even more of the children who approach it for advice. This work is far from complete and will remain one of the main priorities of Children’s Welfare going forward.
Children’s Welfare is a private humanitar- ian organisation that has worked to help all children in Denmark since 1977. The organisation works to ensure that children get the help they need and to safeguard a child’s right to a safe and secure life and a good childhood.
Rasmus Kjeldahl,
Executive Director, Children’s Welfare:
”Our partnership with Plesner enables us
to run a professional organisation in full control of everything – big or small – related to employment law, privacy, rights issues, contracts and numerous other areas. We
are in regular contact with Plesner, and our partnership is organised so that our requests are always directed to the right people, even when – as is often the case – they span more than one professional field.
In the past year, some of our requests re- quired immediate legal assistance, and Plesner prioritised helping us every time. It is great to know that Plesner can competently coordinate and identify the right resources for whatever request we may make. Having the right help ensures everything is handled appropriately and that the funds and com- mitment of our members, sponsors, employ- ees and volunteers are always used on the basis of well-informed decisions.
Plesner’s willingness to act as a pro bono partner, using their professional capabili- ties to help prevent the neglect of children in Denmark, has of course a vast financial significance to us. Thank you!”

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