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The Child Brain Cancer Foundation (CBCF) is an organisation in its start-up phase that relies on volunteers. Over the past few years, the Foundation has been working to establish itself as an organisa- tion –setting up a medical advisory board to assist the Board when making decisions about research support and undertaking other initiatives promoting CBCF’s objec- tives. Plesner assisted with a number of specific tasks over the past year, including convening and holding general meetings. We also provided legal advice and assis- tance in connection with the preparation of a privacy policy and the updating and translating of the Foundation’s by-laws.
The Child Brain Cancer Foundation is a charitable organisation supporting re- search into paediatric brain cancer in the hope of eventually curing all children with brain cancer.
Anette Overby,
MSc (Economics) and CBCF founder:
”During the start-up phase, our primary fo- cus has been on strategic partnerships with other organisations sharing the same aims and interests as us. We have also put a lot of time and effort into establishing a network of influential people who are willing to help and support CBCF, primarily through Cycling Challenge, our network of business profes- sionals headed up by former professional cyclist Rolf Sørensen.
Plesner’s assistance makes a huge difference for a small organisation like ours, whose funds and resources are limited. The support provided by Partner Peter Fogh in his capac- ity as our Chairman is invaluable.
Plesner not only provides highly professional assistance, they are also extremely consider- ate and pleasant collaboration partners.
We always receive a prompt response to our questions and specific requests. I have never seen a request or a detail missed.
Plesner has also played a major role in build- ing our network of business professionals through Cycling Challenge, in which four or five partners participate every year.
Being backed by Plesner signals that we
are a serious organisation with everything under control. Plesner’s assistance also allows member contributions and donations to be channelled into our work rather than administration. In providing legal assistance and expert sparring for the Board of Directors, Plesner plays a crucial role in our continued growth and ability to help children with brain cancer.”

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