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Women and their careers The past year
Our mentoring scheme for women lawyers has existed for two years. It has been the objective to provide our mentees with the necessary inspiration and support to consider careers as partners through men- toring and advice on development, training and career. Today, most of the women lawyers in the target group have been through mentor coaching and the response has generally been favourable.
As part of our work related to developing and retaining our female talents, we also organised semi-annual panel discussions about relevant topics during the past year.
In that context, Plesner’s own role models have been important guides to the career as a partner. In the autumn of 2015, seventeen women lawyers took part in a panel discussion with three of Plesner’s top women lawyers who told them about their way to becoming partners and how to handle any challenges on the way. The partners’ personal and professional stories formed a good basis for the subsequent discussion. Many questions centred on work-life balance and the extent to which it is possible to combine career dreams with a family life. The participants also asked about the partners’ own career planning and the priorities women need to address when they choose a career as a partner. The discussion also focused on the advantages and disadvantages of being a woman partner in a business dominated by men, and the necessity of forming professional, inspirational and mentoring networks.
The responses to this type of meeting were positive and in June 2016 it was followed up by a similar panel discussion. Three male partners shared their stories about career choices and how to ensure a sound balance between work, leisure and family. The focus was also on the work involved in developing an independent business, including how to attract and retain clients. For instance, the participants inquired about the work required by the three partners, their good and bad experiences and how they have been supported by Plesner’s organisation during the process.
Women & their careers
• 58 partners – 9 of whom are women
• 62 attorneys – 28 of whom are women
• 57 assistant attorneys – 23 of whom are women

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