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Social and environmental responsibility
The well-being and development of our employees are important focus areas in our CSR programme.
Our employees are driven by the possibility of continued development. We believe that there is a direct connection between the development of our employees, their well-being and our ability to deliver top performances when we collaborate with our clients. We therefore continuously focus on how we organise ourselves, how we grow as individuals and as a team, and how we best strengthen the working environment and well-being in everyday life by continuously providing training to the heads of the various practice areas.
We make a determined effort to develop all our talented employees and their careers. At the same time we make a special effort to ensure that female talents receive the necessary support to consider future careers as partners, for example through special programmes and mentoring schemes.
As a socially responsible firm, we also want to contribute to improving the environment. In our continued efforts to limit Plesner’s environmental impact, we concentrate on four areas: reducing our energy con- sumption and carbon emissions, making environmentally sound purchases, managing waste with focus on recycling and using as many organic products as possible in our staff canteen.
Employee satisfaction The past year
We want our employees to be among the most satisfied employees compared with those of our peers. Accordingly, we constantly work on improving our corporate culture and our collaboration culture across practice areas and specialist fields. We do this by ensuring an open dialogue, recognition and constructive feedback. During the past year we continued the intensive work related to obtaining high quality feedback provided by the heads of our departments in connection with performance assessments.
Strong collaboration across genders, generations, professional competences and personalities is one of the fundamental values that is to help us reach our strategic objective. That is why we have worked intensively with the Jungian Type Index (JTI), a typology tool used for the development of both leaders, employees and teams, during the past year. Through the active use of JTI we gain insight into the differences and dynamics that are in play when we solve problems, make decisions, establish relationships and communicate with each other. In that way we train and develop our ability to collaborate, and differences actually turn into strengths. At the same time the individual employee becomes more aware of the areas in which he or she may potentially grow; all for the benefit of both the collaboration culture in the organisation and our ability to provide high quality solutions.
A strong culture is crucial for collaborating effectively across practice areas. During the past year social and professional activities such as soccer, Friday afternoon staff get-togethers, the DHL Relay Race, a wine club, an arts society, a Plesner Day and professional training and education have contributed significantly to our teamwork and well-being.
The coming year
We will continue giving priority to social and professional events in order to support the special Plesner culture.
The next natural step to ensure the general well-being will be to focus on how our increased self-insight and strengthened collaboration relations will enable us to further develop team collaboration in future. We have appointed JTI ambassadors in all departments. The ambassadors are to ensure that the tool is implemented in everyday life and that it enables us to provide even better service to our clients.

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