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As a leader, we take responsibility
There is a connecting thread between our provision of the best possible legal advice in the largest and most complex cases and our Corporate Social Responsibility work aimed at making the greatest possible positive difference. Plesner’s CSR programme is one of the most far-reaching pro- grammes in the industry. Through the programme we have committed ourselves to provide legal advice in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards, to operate our firm in a socially and environ- mentally sound manner, to provide free legal advice and to support the local community in general. We still see really positive developments in all these areas.
Earlier this year we were named Nordic Law Firm of the Year by the recognised international law journal The Lawyer. It is the first time a Danish law firm has received such recognition. Naturally, the reasons for the recognition primarily cite the quality of our legal work but Plesner’s dedicated work in respect of sustainability and social responsibility is also noted. The Lawyer emphasises Plesner’s school project as an initiative that deserves special recognition. Both for making a positive difference in selected schools with many pupils who are children of immigrant parents and for the way the schools and Plesner collaborate to motivate and inspire the pupils to understand the importance of education.
Our strategy is collaboration. We contribute to the protection of the surrounding environment but we also place great emphasis on taking care of the internal environment. It is our highest priority for Plesner to be a workplace where employees flourish and are given opportunities to expand and continue to develop their skills. To that end, we will continue to attract the best talents and to be the natural place for the best and most forward-looking employees. During the past year, we have become even better at working across traditional professional boundaries and we work as a team in everything we do because it creates the largest added value for our clients when we combine our joint expertise in our advice and our legal solutions.
In our last CSR report we set a number of goals and supporting activities for the coming period. We have met all our goals for the period. Further- more, the activities have provided insight and inspiration for new goals for the coming year and it is a pleasure to report to the UN Global Compact.
We want it to be meaningful to work at Plesner. We believe in continuous development and we believe that it is always possible to improve.
Tom Kári Kristjánsson Casper Münter Managing Partner CSR Partner
Copenhagen, June 2016

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