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The ''Copper Tower''
Plesner's domicile, the "Copper Tower", is designed by Arkitema Architects and was built in 2004. The building is 62 metres high with 16 storeys.
During the "Pre-Moot", the oral ar- guments will primarily take place on 15th and 16th floor with stun- ning views.
Our domicile is referred to as the "Copper Tower" because of its facade being clad with copper, which will eventually change into a verdigris green patina.
Plesner Law Firm
Plesner is one of Denmark's leading law firms. The company was founded in 1918, and today Plesner is one of the largest law firms in Denmark employing around 265 lawyers (fee earners) and servicing some of the biggest corporations domestically and abroad.
Our firm continuously receives the highest international rankings across all practice areas, and Plesner is the market leader in several of these, including dispute resolution. In 2016, Plesner won The Lawyer European Awards as "Law Firm of the Year" in the Nordic countries, which was a first- time achievement for a Danish firm. In 2017, Chambers and Partners designated Plesner as "Danish Law Firm of the Year". It is the third time Plesner receives this distinction.
Our Ambitions
Plesner's ambitions are to make a decisive difference in situations where material values are at stake for our clients, to stand out as Denmark's most innovative law firm and be the natural home for the best and most visionary employees. At Plesner, we strive to be the absolute market leader across legal advisory services, M&A and complex dispute resolution by working as a collaborative team. These are the reasons why we cultivate a culture and method of work that promote creativity and sharing of knowledge and why we want to do away with conventional ways of thinking.
Dispute Resolution Team
In the field of dispute resolution, Plesner is the leading law firm in Denmark. We are recognized for our solution- oriented case management and ability to handle the most complex matters. The group counts at least 70 lawyers (including junior associates), and Plesner has by far the largest and most specialized Dispute Resolution

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