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  or has come in harm’s way that demands hospital treat- ment, physician-ordered treatment and restitution or that of which may apply to,
b) Fire or theft in the insured’s private home or business immediately before departure,
c) Employer’s unexpected resignation of the insured or
c) the insured’s start of a new job in the event of an unex- pected resignation, which means that the insured will no longer have the option of having a vacation
in the duration of the rental period/travel package.
2.2 What expenses does the insurance cover? Cancellation
The insurance covers that part of the insured’s payment that the rental agency according to the agreed upon terms have control over when the stay/travel vacation is cancel- led during the insurance period.
The insurance covers the insured’s payment for those days’ stay/travelling is not used – meaning from the day after departure from the vacation home.
2.3 Exceptions – refer to Point 4.1
The insurance does not apply if the illness or injury that causes cancellation/discontinuation was present when the policy was been drafted and a clear need for treatment is present before the beginning of the rental period/travel package
2.4 Deductible
For any discontinuations made during the rental period/ travel vacation, a deductible of 25% is paid from the remaining rental payment.
2.5 Special Cases
If the person that is responsible for the cancellation/discon- tinuation is 75 or more years of age, the bureau’s compen- sation obligation is limited to a maximum of 10.000DKK per rental period/travel package, regardless if the con- tractual insurance sum is higher.
In relation to cases of harm
In any case of emergency, the insured needs to contact
the rental agency immediately.
There is a condition for the European compensation obliga- tion, that the insured immediately obtains a medical certifi- cate with a diagnosis from the attending physician as well as the insured at point of treatment gives European’s doctor access to all relevant medical records, including information on previous illnesses. At the point of disconti- nuation, the insured needs secure themselves a physician at their final destination before departure.
Fire or theft
In case of fire or theft, a police report must be acquired.
In case of unemployment, a copy of the resignation is sent in. At the start of a new job, a new copy of the hiring agreement is to be sent in.
3.0 Insurance Sum
The insurance covers up to 50.000DKK for any damaged household occurred during the insurance period.
Special private contents are covered up to 10.000DKK per insurance agreement
3.1 Extent of coverage
The insurance covers the liability which the insured under the rental agreement incurs for damages caused during the policy period to the contents of the rented property, including damage to windows and cabinets.
3.2 Exceptions – refer to Point 4.1
Liability is not granted for:
a) Normal wear and tear, scratches, dirt, or gradual
b) Theft committed by the insured or his guest
c) Damaged caused by dogs or other pets
d) Bicycles and vessels, including windsurfers, rowboats,
canoes, and kayaks and parts thereof.
e) Cosmetic damage to the basins, including spas and hot
f) Damage to swimming pools and the water therein.
3.3 The Liability Estimate
a) The compensation for totally damaged items is cal- culated by the following principles: Objects that are less than 2 years old which were otherwise undamaged, before the damage occurred, shall be replaced with the cost of comparable new items. For items that are more than 2 years old, the compensation is assessed on the basis of the cost of comparable new items (antiques, a similar second-hand good) minus 10% per commenced year in relation to the objects age. Compensation will for such items minimally reach 20% of replacement value (antiques minimum 50% of the replacement cost).
b) The agency can choose to let damaged objects be repaired or pay an amount equivalent to the value of the object.
c) The agency is entitled too, but not obliged to replace in kind.
3.4 Recognition of Compensation
The agency is only obligated to pay for expenses incurred with its approval. The insured’s recognition or payment of a claim does not oblige the agency. By acknowledging the liability, the insured runs the risk of having to pay them- selves.
3.5 In relation to harm or emergencies
In any case of damage, the insured shall immediately notify the rental agency. Any claims and additional docu- mentation must be submitted to the rental agency.
The insured and the landlord are bound to provide all infor- mation that can aid and inform any insurances policies with another company.
4.8 Definitions
For the sake of the insurance, the following terms are defined as follows:
• Acute illness. Coverage of an acute illness is understood as a newly emerged disease, a reasonable suspicion of a new, serious illness or an unexpected worsening of an existing or chronic illness.
• Household. With household, it is perceived as any item that belongs to a private dwelling’s normal equipment, including carpets. Buildings, walls, and fixtures are not household items – but kitchen surfaces are considered a
part of the household items.
• Special private property. In particular private properties, antiques, tape-, record- and CD- players, tapes, casset- tes, compact discs and mini discs, amplifiers, speaker systems, artworks, paintings, musical instruments, radio, video- and TV sets with accessories as well as oriental rugs all apply.

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